Scouting Handbook
LDS Scouting Pamphlet
LDS Scout Resources
Duty to God
11-YO Scouts
2010 BSA Resources
Misc Materials
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Scouting Handbook, 7 pgs, 520KB
Scouting and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: A 42 pg Pamphlet of Basic Information for Council and District Leaders, for Fellow Scouters to Better Understand How LDS Scouting Units Function, and as a Reference for LDS Scouters. Published December 2008This book does not replace the official Scouting Handbook published by the Church in 1997 (sometimes referred to as the "green" book).
Presentation to Council Professional Staff
List of Items Presented to NCAC Staff, 1 June 2005
Slide Show Presented to NCAC Staff, 1 June 2005
Duty to God and Scouting Requirements
Deacon Requirements, 3 pgs, 120KB
Teacher Requirements, 3 pgs, 120KB
Priest Requirements, 3 pgs, 125KB
Teacher/Varsity Requirements Crosswalk to Duty to God, 7 pgs, 255KB
Priest/Venturing Requirements Crosswalk to Duty to God, 8 pgs, 340KB
Venturing Religious Life Bronze Award, 1 pg, 53KB
Sample Crosswalk Scorecard, 4 pgs, 464KB
LDS Scout Materials
A Scouting Reference for Ward Leaders: A Ready Compendium of Scouting Topics and Issues for Bishoprics and Other Ward and Stake Leaders 2005 EDITION 1.3MB
Supplement #1, Church Operations Within BSA, 15 pgs, 80KB
Supplement #2, The Role of Scouting in the Aaronic Priesthood, 18 pgs, 94KB
Supplement #3, The Role of Scouting in the Primary, 54 pgs, 334KB
Supplement #4, Developing Leadership - The Patrol Method, 81 pgs, 81KB
Supplement #5, Training Ward Leaders, 37 pgs, 207KB
Youth Protection Training, 1 pgs, 48KB
Fast Start Resources, 1 pg, 47KB
Scouting and the Church, 10 pgs, 750KB
Post Eagle Excellence - Venturing and Varsity, 4 pgs, 260KB
Varsity (Teacher) Startup, 21 pgs, 1.6MB
Venturing (Priest) Startup, 21 pgs, 1.3MB
Scout Committee, 16 pgs, 785KB
Scouting Adult Recognition, 8 pgs, 400KB
The LDS Chartered Organization Representative, 20 pgs, 975KB
Funding Scouts, 2 pgs, 75KB
Demographic Charts, 2 pgs, 1.6MB
Number of Chartered Organizations, 1 pgs, 30KB
Eleven Year Old Scout Year Round Plan
Annual Eleven Year Old Plan (New 200907), 12KB
Eleven Year Old Scouts (New 200907), 15KB
2008 Rank Requirements, 66KB
Priesthood Conference On Scouting Materials - Sep 2004
Duty to God and Scouting: The Path to Fulfilling Aaronic Priesthood Purposes, 1.2MB
Priesthood Conference on Scouting, Newsletter, September 2004
Successful Cub Scouting in The LDS Church, 30KB
Venturing Crew Leadership and Training, 10KB
High Adventure Activity Planning, 18 KB
Duty to God and Scouting: Varsity Program Planning, 177KB
Varsity Scouting, 47KB
Varsity Scouting Organization Diagram, 45KB
Venturing Program Methods, 9KB
Venturing Organization Diagram, 16KB
Venturing Youth Leadership Training, 8KB
2003 LDS Aaronic Priesthood/Scouting Encampment Resources